Data scientist and warehouse developer

Data scientist and warehouse developer

Pune / Bangalore / Trivandrum


  • Bachelor/Master data science or any other technical studies with ample experience in data
  • 6+ years of experience
  • Development of ETL processes
  • Wide variety of (ERP) systems and databases (and/or fast
  • Master Data Management / Data Migration / Data Transformation

Job requirements:

  • Proficient in English, verbal and written
  • Excellent communicative skills and service-oriented
  • Team player (and your colleagues are happy having you in their team)
  • Driven, energetic and eager to learn (and to share your knowledge)
  • Proactive (you recommend opportunities for improvement)
  • Analytical, diligent, and accurate
  • Reading comprehension
  • Critical thinking (you evaluate requests and tasks for logic and quality before you start building)
  • Complex problem-solving (you love puzzles)
  • Attention to detail (you clean up crumbs - correct errors and typo’s - when you see them)
  • In terms of product delivery, you are also interested in the “why” (not only the “what”)
  • Preferably – when delivering a report - you aim for story telling
  • Documents naturally, accurately and detail oriented (in professional template lay-out and easy to understand)

Technical Skills

Required Skills

  • SQL server -       T-SQL / SSMS
  • Azure -                Azure SQL
  • ETL process
  • Power BI -        Desktop developer
  • Data modelling - highly effective
  • Accounting and financial - Knowledge of GL (general ledger), AP&AR (accounts payable
    and receivable, P&L (profit & loss), BL (bottom line)

Desired Skills

  • SSIS - to be learned: SQL Server Integration Services
  • SSAS - to be learned: SSQL Server Analysis Services
  • SSRS - to be learned: SSQL Server Reporting Services
  • DevOps engineering
  • C#
  • Azure data factory
  • Python and CCH Tagetik

Key Responsibility

You will work with 2 other local colleagues at WorldEmp in India as a virtual extension of the data warehouse team (3 remote colleagues) of the company in the Netherlands. The developers in The Netherlands will see and treat you as one of theirs.

As a data warehouse developer, you will work for the (about 40) different subsidiaries. This involves a mix of larger and smaller organizations, in the Netherlands or abroad, with simple or just complex data issues. About 80%-85% of the work can be
categorized as backend activities (SQL, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS) and about 15%-20% as frontend activity (Power BI).

  • You will work via agile method, task-oriented and backlog-based.
  • Communication with the Dutch team of developers will be (in English) via video calls, e-mail and WhatsApp.
  • Depending on the project, communication (e.g., about requirements or the delivered result) can also take place with representees of the IT department and/or the user organization (in English).
  • You will assist in building and expanding the data warehouse (On Premises, SQL)
  • In the future (approx. 2 years) your tasks will move from On Premises to Azure (SQL, ADF)
  • You will manage, normalize and structure our data.
  • You ensure that all necessary data is retrieved from various systems (ETL process)
  • You develop or configure links between the various systems.
  • You will build datasets (80%-85%) and design reports (15%-20%)
  • You work in a team, but also have the autonomy and responsibility to build independent (matching our architecture agreements)
  • You make the necessary technical choices.
  • You anticipate changes in datasets well so that the business can always continue;
  • Your code is documented (DevOps), versioned and your colleagues can work with it.
  • You work with within this role with the full Microsoft Stack (SQL, SSIS, SSAS, DevOps, Power BI), but in fact the programming language or SQL flavour should not matter to you any more, you know where to go. Automating your work and that of your colleagues is your second nature.
  • You are keen on quality and proactively recommend improvement opportunities (more efficient, stable, faster). You assess your work (and that of your colleagues) on performance, cleanliness, reliability, documentation and user friendliness.

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Status: Open Job type: Full Time Salary: Negotiable Publish date: 26 Apr 2023 Expire in: 5 months

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