PHP Laravel developer

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Experience level : Senior

Experience Description

  • 8+ years of experience as a web developer and 4+ years of experience in Laravel or Symphony
  • Experienced application developer with Laravel, focus on backend, but you need to understand front-end technologies, including Angular. You must speak English very well and be culturally sensitive
  • A self-starter and problem solver, and you can cope with a direct communication style. on site

Education and Certification

Additional educational or certification requirements

Technical skills

PHP: Required

Laravel: Required

It would be even better if you have also good command of Symfony

GraphQL: Required

Job Requirements - Social skills

Roles and responsibilities

  • As a PHP Laravel Developer you will work on with a wide variety of techniques with several duties.
  • You will work as part of team, using agile development. Ranging from CRUDs to API implementations with GraphQL.
  • Work can involve collaborating on bigger projects or support on smaller service tickets/feature requests.

Job Status: Open

Job Sectors: IT

Job Type: Full Time

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