We are Hiring!

WorldEmp is looking out for candidates with a minimum educational qualification of a Bachelor or Master’s degree and have built up a significant job-specific experience during a period of six to twelve years of working in India or abroad. Candidates who can work with us on a long-term commitment are preferred. Moreover, the ability to learn quickly and adapt to the standards of working with international organizations is highly appreciated.

Skills we are looking for –

  1. A job-specific experience of 6 to 12 years of working.
  2. Should be from an Engineering or IT background.
  3. Minimum educational qualification – Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree.
  4. Good affinity with the English language and western culture.
  5. Good overall communication skills
  6. Should be a team player, self-motivational, and assertive (European-like) in communication.

Interview Process

The interview process is solid and thorough therefore will take some time to complete.
You will have interviews with local Indian recruitment specialist with the goal to get to know you, your experiences, and your abilities.
You will not only have an interview with recruitment specialists, but usually also with existing employees who work in the same field as you do.
The final interview before you get selected by the WorldEmp client is with the team in the Netherlands. They will not only focus on your technical abilities but also on your personality and background. This is special because we want to make sure that you fit well in the envisioned environment where you will be part of the team of our international client.
After this interview, a Candidate Profile is drawn-up and sent to the client, who will select the candidates they want to interview.

In short, we will do following to assess the fit with our requirements

  1. Technical Evaluation
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Psychological Test
  4. Level of English
  5. Cultural Test
  6. Background Check (including your presence in social media)

We will do whatever is possible to hire the best employees India has to offer. This is our reputation, this is what we expect from WorldEmp employees and this is what our clients expect from WorldEmp.

Current Openings

Full Time Open Pune, Bangalore Salary: Negotiable
Full Time Open Pune, Bangalore Salary: Negotiable
Full Time Open Pune, Bangalore, Trivandrum Salary: Negotiable
Full Time Open Pune, Bangalore Salary: Negotiable
Full Time Open Pune , Bangalore Salary: Negotiable

Want to know more?

If you feel that your profile matches with the above skills and criteria, please feel free to contact us or drop in you updated resume at